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CurbedWire: Malibu Castle Lady, Rhino and Stoli

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[SBE's Privilege shrouded in Stoli; picture via reader]

HOLLYWOOD - Despite having her Malibu castle destroyed during the first run of Malibu wildfires, we learned over the weekend that the "People's Princess" Lilly Lawrence was kind enough to bring food to the picketing writers outside Paramount Studios. She loses, but she still gives. We love you People's Princess. [CurbedWire Staff]

BEVERLY GROVE - The pop-up store trend continues. More info about Rhino Records' temporary shelter for December at 8032 West Third Street, near the Grove. Via the presser: "The Third Street outlet will offer customers a chance to see and feel limited edition boxed sets, silkscreen posters, fine art photographs, and other Rhino merchandise in person rather than rely on the thumbnail images and sound samples that are the currency of the digital domain." [CurbedWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD - The wrapped facade of SBE's Privilege generated a question awhile ago. Via the grapevine (actually Eater), we learn it's just another renovation turning the space into another supper club-du-jour. It keeps the fickle clientele happy. However, a reader sends in the above photo of the Stoli ads surrounding the place. Once removed we should be treated to another Philippe Starck concoction. We're looking for renderings! (hint,hint). [CurbedWire Inbox]