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Why Buy a Neutra When You Can Rent?

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[Image of Poster Neutra Apartments from its open house fundraiser, May 2006]

It seems like the market is flooded these days with Neutras for sale - ranging from fixer uppers to beautifully restored jewel boxes in the hills. But what if you don't have the $2 million necessary to buy even a lesser Neutra? And you're an adventurous spirit willing to put up with a "neighborhood [that] is not the greatest"? If you're so enamored of Neutra that you're willing to live in a non-smoking apartment, with non-secure parking, and pay $1250 a month in North Hollywood, then the Poster Apartments might be for you. The eight-unit apartment building was Neutra's take on affordable housing and won the LA Conservancy's Preservation Award last year and now has an upper unit vacant. Intriguing, no?

Seem expensive? It is - and they will admit it:

The neighborhood is not the greatest - which the price reflects (yes, these units ARE higher priced than other 1 bedrooms in the immediate neighborhood). We have also created a 'neighborhood within a neighborhood' - when we purchased the building, we also purchased the homes on either side (total of 4), which are now occupied by folks who understand and appreciate the building and participate in building activities.The post warns no "looky loos" please, a valiant effort to reduce architectural tourism that is bound to discourage anyone but the most die-hard Neutra fans. He doesn't have to worry too much. It's in North Hollywood.(P.S. Calling it a 1 bedroom is generous. These are glorified studios with "flexible floor plans.")
· $1250 / 1br - Restored Neutra compound our residents love [Craigslist]