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Neighborhood Drops El Porto, Renames Itself North Manhattan Beach

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In a bid to gussy up its image, Manhattan Beach residents decided to drop the name El Porto to describe the area around Highland Avenue, Crest Drive, 43rd and 32nd streets. The new name is North Manhattan Beach: a moniker that sounds very MTV reality show-ready. Describing the area---it was once known as "Devil's Triangle" and Manhattan Beach annexed the region from Los Angeles County in 1980--one resident tells the paper: "It had sort of a tainted image for years during the '80s and '90s - just that it was a place where people went to drink and party. It wasn't sophisticated, which is more of the way we want to go." Even though new shops are coming in and rents are going up, the area still had difficult shaking the memory of its sordid past, according to another resident who notes the region was famous for its three Bs: "Bars, bikers and booze." Good times!
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