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Downtown Smackdown: ImaginAsian Center Vs. The Smell

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Last week, the Downtown News checked out the ImaginAsian Center at 251 S. Main St., a venue that'll show foreign films and offer cultural fun. But as the News notes, the guests coming to the Saturday opening show were likely greeted by the noise of a band called "Vomit Bomb." That band was playing at the Smell, the punk rock venue next door. Ah, neighbors. Of course, the Smell was already been pushed out of the NoHo Arts District by rising rents. Will the all-ages club now be pushed out again by gentrification? And will the tony ImaginAsian Center patrons lose their hearing? Wasn't there a Billy Idol video about this very scenario, but everyone got along and danced together at the end?
UPDATE: A keen-eyed reader points out that the band Vomit Bomb didn't play on Saturday night--just a member of the band did, with a different band. The same reader also points out that the two venues don't even open out to the same street: ImaginAsian fronts Main and the Smell opens to the alley. Still, let's imagine a fight.

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