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Curbed Awards '07: Neighborhoods, II: Best Photos

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Our end of year awards continue, with Part II of the Neighborhood category looking at the best Flickr/user-submitted photos featured on the site in 2007. Thanks to everyone for snapping.

[Photographed to death, but still love this shot--the 6th Street Bridge via Flickr user eecue/]

[Mondrian apartments via Flickr user HereinVanNuys]

[Fallen crane on the 5, via the LAFD Flickr page]

[picture of Valley Fog by Curbed flickr pool member rmortiz]

[Image of the Ambassador Hotel site by flickr user GrahamKo]

[Orange County Tiki Apartment- photo by Scott Wolf; via flickr user miehana]

[Picture via Sha in LA of Elevator Lobby at Roosevelt Lofts]

[Irony alert! Before the Mickey D's fire, by flickr user Insomniac D]

[Picture of Santa Anita racetrack via flickr user Aint No joke]

[New walkway at Glo via flicker user fridayinla]

[South Central image via Flickr user Jsdart]

[Interior of El Dorado Flickr user Jericlynx]

[Elevate lounge via Flickr user eecue/]

(Shepard Fairey artwork via Flickr user My F'ing Photos)

[The Venice Canals Holiday Parade, picture via Yo Venice!]

[April brush fire, courtesy of Curbed reader Wynn]

["Play on the 210 freeway day" via flickr user socalcamerahappy]

[Watching Griffith Park fire via Atwater Village Newbie]

[Before there was color--Vermont Wilshire via Flickr user hereinvannuys]

[Image courtesy of user mondolind from the curbed la flickr pool]

[The snack shack at the Santa Monica ice skating rink, via Flickr user feintnate]

[Santa Clarita fires via Flickr user Cnynfreelancer]