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Bring Out Yer Dead, Bring Out Yer Dead: Where To Drop Off That Xmas Tree

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If you are unable to stuff your naked Christmas tree (removed of all the tinsel, etc) in a green recycling container, the city has announced a list of drop-off places. Also, they remind people that it's illegal to leave trees on the curb or street because they could catch fire and burn down the neighborhood. Let's aim for a tree-free city by St. Patrick's Day, people. [Image via Hail the Hale, which chronicled last year's tree street shame in London. April!]

Drop-off sites at Recreation and Park Locations:

Balboa Sports Center
17015 Burbank Blvd.

Branford Park
13300 Branford St.

Chatsworth Park South
22360 Devonshire St.

Cheviot Hills Recreation Center
2551 Motor Ave.

Highland Park Senior Citizen Center
6200 York Blvd.

Hollenbeck Recreation Center
415 S. St. Louis St.

Hollywood Bowl
2301 N. Highland Blvd.

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park
25820 Vermont Ave.

Los Angeles Zoo
at Griffith Park, junction off 5 and 134 freeways

Rancho Cienega Recreation Center
5001 Rodeo Rd.

Sunland Recreation Center
8651 Foothill Blvd.

Sylmar Park
13109 Border Ave.

Westchester Municipal Building
7166 W. Manchester Ave.

Drop-off sites at Fire Station Locations:

Fire Station #21
1187 E. 52nd St.

Fire Station #28
11641 Corbin Ave.

Fire Station #29
4029 W. Wilshire Blvd.

Fire Station #44
1410 Cypress Ave.

Fire Station #63
1930 Shell Ave.

Fire Station #64
118 W. 108th St.

Fire Station #65
1801 E. Century Blvd.

Fire Station #71
107 S. Beverly Glen Blvd.

Fire Station #77
9224 Sunland Blvd.

Fire Station #82
1800 N. Bronson Ave.

Fire Station #88
5101 N. Sepulveda Blvd.

Fire Station #94
4470 Coliseum St.

Fire Station #106
23004 Roscoe Blvd.

Fire Station #108
12520 Mulholland Dr.

Fire Station #112
444 S. Harbor Blvd., Berth 86