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Americana At Brand's Green Efforts: Recycling Its Food Waste. Tasty.

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It's not too often one reads the word "Americana At Brand" and "carbon footprint" in the same sentence, but shocker: Glendale News-Press's Ryan Vaillancourt has a story about how Americana At Brand is making strides to be green. Yeah, yawn. HOWEVER, the mixed-use development will require its restaurants and landscaping contractors to recycle their food and landscaping waste and it's a move that has caught the attention of the folks at Glendale Integrated Waste, the trash and recycling division of the city’s Public Works Department, who say they'll try and sign up other restaurants, too. So the paper seems to deem this move pretty significant. Meanwhile, the development's Matt Middlebrook defends detractors who say the project will increase traffic--hello, idling--and further pollute the planet; he says Americana's condo-retail-all-in-one-spot living takes a nod from urban cities and is a "sustainable concept."
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