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Curbed Awards 07: Neighborhoods: The Los Feliz Awards

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Our end of year awards continue, with Part I of the Neighborhood category. Some of the most creative comments were left under our "Name That Neighborhood" postings, a column that asked what to call those in-between pockets of Los Angeles that have no distinct name. And it was a column that Curbed famously blundered after we asked what to call a section of a neighborhood that was clearly Los Feliz. Henceforth, the top 10 new names for LA neighborhoods---provided by commenters in 2007--each receive a Los Feliz Award. Good job, readers.

1. Bagel Belt (Near the Grove)
2. SoSci (South of Scientology)
3. Hubbardia (Same region as above)
4. NoKoSoHo (North of Koreatown, South of Hollywood)
5. CBGB ("Chunk Below Griffith Boundary")
6. Crapangeles Adjacent (Near Washington and Fairfax)
7. The Ass-Pit of LA (same section as above)
8 Mordor (same section as above)
9. Vermonica (Area near Vermont and Santa Monica)
10. NoVermin (North of Vermont)
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