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Curbed Awards '07: Real Estate Part II, Best Of

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Our End o' Year Awards are broken into multiple pieces and categories. And now, the real estate awards.


The Second Annual Elaine Young Memorial Broker Boys & Babes Awards
WINNER: Pretty People. It was a photo finish for the ladies and sexy men as brokers clobbered it out to decide "Who's the hottest broker in Los Angeles?" Congratulations to 2007's winners, Scott J. Cook and Jessica Blafer, and thanks for being good sports and having fresh faces.

Most Captivating Residential Project of The Year
WINNER: The Fuller Lofts. These lofts aren't even occupied yet, but for whatever reason we found ourselves writing about, visiting, getting secret inside information about, and receiving constantly updated renderings of the Fuller Lofts in Lincoln Park Heights. The project continues the trend of adaptive reuse, but adds a nice twist by plopping some penthouse units on the top. The building's web site says completion is anticipated before the New Year. Tick-tock, boys.

Most Captivating Commercial Project of The Year
WINNER: Caruso Affiliated's Americana at Brand & Shops at Santa Anita. Rick Caruso continues to dominate LA County and the media's coverage of local malls shopping experiences. The Grove is getting stale but its imitators are still popping up all around us (see The Village at Westfield and Santa Monica Place) and its detractors are suing/using subterfuge to keep Caruso's next phase of lifestyle retail centers, The Grove East and The Grove Far East, from opening. Who needs real streets and mass transit when you can have a tightly controlled Caruso street with trolleys to move you back and forth between Banana Republic and Baby Gap?

Best Transit Oriented (T.O.D) Development

WINNER: The 101 House. The dream to put dense, affordable housing in proximity to mass transit is a long-held goal of the urban planner. But in a odd moment this summer, a single family home ended up on the side of the car-clogged 101 Freeway, and somehow gained both a personality and a name: the 101 Freeway House. Then LA Times architecture critic Chris Hawthorne declared the house a metaphor for a loss of privacy in a modern age of condo-living. We declare the house: LA's Best T.O.D. of 2007.

Most Welcome Development of the Year
WINNER: The Cranes Landing in Hollywood. After much anticipation, four cranes finally went up and started moving shit around Hollywood, prompting people to officially declare the region's revitalization a success. The Blvd 6200 project, the PaliHouse, and the W Hotel & Residences are all going up, while projects and cranes still to come include: the 10-story addition to the Pantages, the 40-story Sunset Gower project, the 23-story On Top of Spaghetti Factory project and the 16-story 6230 Yucca project. Remind us if we've forgotten anything.