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Redevelopment Plans Talked About At Watts' Jordan Downs

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Why do development plans at Jordan Downs, the well-known 700-unit public housing project in Watts, sound so uncertain and confusing? And who knows the answer to what's really going on? The Wave's Olu Alemoru reports that at a meeting this fall, Rev. Eric P. Lee. Freeman, chairman of the Southern Christian Leadership Leadership-LA board, held aloft the report “Strategic Vision for the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles” (according to the Wave, it's a "basic analysis of the agency’s role and core strategic mission to provide affordable housing to low-income residents of the city") and suggested ominous changes were coming to Jordans Down. But the report doesn't mention that particular building, according to the paper, and L.A. Housing Authority Planning Director John King said no plans would be made without the consent of residents. Still, residents are worried enough that they met again in early December to discuss forming a committee to develop concrete proposals for the project’s future. So what do we learn? Not a lot.
· What is the future of Jordan Downs? [The Wave]

Jordan Downs

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