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On The Market: Mar Vista Red Barn Prefab

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Prefab continues its high-end march and now there's Red Barn Prefab, a company founded by a Venice resident that's offering to build a prefab on this tear-down site. Via the listing: "Tear-down on spacious lot with panoramic views from the Hollywood Hills to the Pacific. Also available: Plans & construction contract to build a 3,900 sf, 3 bed, 3.5 bath loft-style custom home by Red Barn Prefab ...when complete these homes sell for over $2.1 million on average. "
What/Where: Unbuilt Red Barn house, live like high-class animal in Mar Vista
Sq. Footage: Tear Down/Rebuild a 3,900 SF home on 6,000 SF lot
Retail Price: $950k

· 3239 Mountain View Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066 [TVOA]