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CurbedWire: Working Ladies, Mann Theater, Dead Trees!

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CHINATOWN: An update on the local architecture firm's Christmas party where someone allegedly brought a hooker as a guest. Maybe it was someone's relative? Hate to mock a working girl. Yes, the post prompted some comments. Even better-- someone just hit our InBox with photos that reveal the name of the firm. Also, there's a party shot--too dark to see anything, though. [Curbed InBox]

WESTWOOD: Plywood update! A reader writes: "I was walking past the Mann National theater today in Westwood and the interior (at least the lobby) is gutted. Humorously, the sign in the box office says "closed for private screening." [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: A reader with a timely request: "Please do a PSA now that Christmas is over for people to properly dispose of their Christmas trees. I don't want to look at dead trees on the side of the road until March again this year." Consider the PSA done. [Curbed InBox]