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West Covina Not Entirely Enthusiastic About Creating An Actual Downtown

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An area without a thriving downtown, West Covina can't even get tenants Red Brick pizza, Juice It Up and Vieta Coffee to stick around, reports the LA Times. "For at least 10 years, the city has fostered visions of a busy downtown where high-end loft-dwellers stroll around the corner to restaurants and locals pass the time chatting at coffee bars. Plans were made and community meetings held. There were even whispers that the city was ready to use eminent domain. But nothing happened." One problem seems to be that officials are split on whether a bustling downtown would work, and even the city's Mayor Sherri Lane isn't ready to throw support behind the idea. Via the Times: "That's a major overhaul of that whole area," Lane said. "'I'm not in favor of doing something that drastic . . . I have concerns regarding density, traffic and congestion and the strain on city resources..'"
· West Covina's lofty goals for downtown [LA Times]