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Rent Check: One-Bedroom Guest House

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There are so many benefits to choosing a guest house over an apartment: You get a yard, there's no sharing a wall with anyone, and sometimes the homes even come with furniture-- and with furniture that might be nicer than your crappy suff! Depending on your commute and job location, maybe one of these one-bedroom guest homes would suit you.
1.) Pitch: San Blas Ave at Canoga, Woodland Hills, $700: "Only for one person, yard with a view, Balcony view Patio, Air Conditioner, Heat, Furnished/or unfurnished, Pets ok. No kitchen."

2.) Pitch: Dixie Canyon at Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, $1300: "Remodeled hip and cool with painted concrete floors, vaulted ceilings, butcher block counter tops, glass kitchen cabinets, french doors, in exclusive area. The lease amount includes refrigerator, stove, gas, water, electricity, and wireless DSL capability."

3.) Pitch: S. Burnside at 9th, Miracle Mile, $1,450: "Own patio in leafy garden.full kitchen, light spacious bedroom upstairs . nicely furnished .non smoker.TV/cable/internet available."

4.) Pitch: Sherman Canal Ct, Venice Canals, $1600: "Extremely peaceful. Very Zen. Furnished or semi-furnished. If you are traveling on business just bring your suitcase as we can provide all you need for your extended stay.1 bedroom with large full size bed (with great mattress)."