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Grove-Obliterating Project Discussed for Redondo Beach

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Redondo Beach is trying to spruce up and revitalize its pier and harbor area which is described by one city councilman as "tired". Yes, if any place could make the beach suck, it's Redondo Beach, or maybe Marina del Rey. Local consultant Larry Kosmont went before the Redondo Beach city council with several options for revitalization. One plan includes a possible Grove-by-the-sea.

Kosmont compared the harbor area favorably to the Grove, a formerly economically underachieving property in West Los Angles that was dramatically revitalized as a “lifestyle center” boutique shopping mall in the last decade by famed developer Rick Caruso. Kosmont said the Redondo Harbor could “obliterate” the Grove because its 150 acres are by the ocean. “You have the Grove on the water,” Kosmont told the council. Other options center around the idea of bringing in a few high quality tenants into the existing space, which would snowball by attracting other high quality tenants. While we await this Grove-by-the-Sea extravaganza, the city has taken some steps to make the area a bit nicer, including the addition of new aluminum railings with dolphin medallions and ornamental concrete on the boardwalk. Oh, joy.
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