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Downtown's Industrial Land Gets Divvied Up Into Four Zones

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According to the Downtown News, the forthcoming report--that recommends preserving most of downtown's industrial land--by the LA Planning Department and the Community Redevelopment Agency "largely reiterates the findings of a controversial study, the first elements of which were presented to the public in November 2006..." But this report goes into more detail about how the land should be used, specifically, it recommends using four categories, each with its own set of development recommendations. We've highlighted just some of the areas mentioned by the News, there are also more in each category. Drum roll? Here they are: 1. Employment Protection Districts (area roughly bounded by San Pedro and Third streets, the Vernon boundary and the L.A. River); 2. Industrial Mixed-Use Districts (Arts District; the core of the Fashion and Flower districts) 3. Transition Districts (area near Metro Gold Line station in Little Tokyo and near the Metro Blue Line stop at Washington Boulevard) 4.) Correction Areas (areas primarily in South LA).
· The Industrial Evolution [Downtown News]