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Santa Monica Hates Smokers, Looks To Drive Them All Out

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Tough times for smokers who live in Santa Monica. Already, smoking is banned on the Third Street Promenade, in all farmers markets, all outdoor dining areas, in the parks, on the beaches, at the bus stops, and on movie and ATM lines. Also, you can't smoke within 20 feet of entrances, exits or open windows of public buildings. And now the city wants to make restaurant owners and managers "liable for knowingly or intentionally allowing smoking in outdoor dining areas" (smoking is prohibited in those areas) and ban smoking on all library public grounds, according to the Argonaut. Right now, there are complaints that people are lighting up outside at these restaurants, and with this new law, Santa Monica would join Beverly Hills, Burbank and Calabasas as an area that holds businesses responsible for its guests. So basically you're better off eating that cigarette, rather than lighting it up if you're in Santa Monica. But who tells the Virginia Slim-puffing tourists about all these laws?
· Santa Monica: Council asks for ordinance making business owners responsible for non-smoking compliance [Argonaut]