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Holiday Party Report #4: An Unnamed Santa Monica Based Architecture Firm

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When: Last Week. Where: Old theater in Chinatown. Venue was decorated floor to ceiling with walls of paper lantern, full projection (15ft high) of photographs of China. Food: Chinese food DIRECT from Monterey Park (Peking duck and the sort). Enough vodka to drown a Russian. Entertainment: DJ w/ music from Sex Pistols to Burt Bacharach (prompting a brief mosh pit at some point). And there was a Secret Santa based on the fortunes in the cookies received with the invite. Oh, and there's this: Someone in the office bought, ahem, brought a hooker as a date, much to everyone's amusement. And one person passed out on the hood of a car out front waiting for their ride to leave. Pictures of Hooker Date: Badly Needed.