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EaterTastings: Hungry Cat Meows Once Again

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[Image of Hungry Cat's pre-renovation Crabfest by Eater LA group flickr member ExperienceLA]; the latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog:

1) Oink! Only a few restaurants in LA are able to get their hands on the much-ballyhooed and extremely rare La Quercia pork. But few have gone to the lengths chef Chris Blobaum from Wilshire have - he went to the farm in Iowa to salt his own pig.
2) We had missed Hollywood's Hungry Cat while it was closed for renovations. Now it's back, and the raw bar will be open to 1am. Who doesn't have the occasional post-midnight oyster craving?
3) David Haskell is selling his much lauded Bin 8945 to focus on his new concept Keg & Barrel (location still TBD). Boystown has a plethora of bad restaurants so let's hope the new owners don't turn Bin into, well, any of the crappy places lining Santa Monica Blvd.
4) Going to miss Morton's? It closes this weekend, with a public garage sale on Monday to pickup those mementos.
5) The Valley has one less wiener. The Wiener Factory's imminent closure is as good an occasion as any for a hot beef injection.