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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: WeHo Park Plan and Red Bldg

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It's the last Rumblings & Bumblings of the year. Your new questions will have to wait until 2008. Please email us at with your new questions, updates, comments, tips, and general queries.

[West Hollywood's Master Park Plan; downloadable here]

1) West Hollywood: We had plans to visit the Pacific Design Center office to find out the what-what with the Red Building, but the rains kept us at bay. However, via email: "They have gone beyond the initial technical ground breaking and have begun actually clearing the site where the surface parking lot used to be. I think the whole project is going to take some 2, 2+ years to complete."

2) Hancock Park Adj.: Good question about the for lease sign at Rita Flora. Per our sister blog Eater LA, Happi Songs is not for lease. And via commenter mikey_a, the sign is for a house: "They own a house on the street behind the flower shop (corner of 6th and Sycamore). It's forever up for lease and the sign on the front of the flower shop is doubtless for that space. They advertise it as office/creative space, I think."

3) West Hollywood: In regards to the Master Plan for WEHO's parks, a WeHoan offical says: "The Weho Park Plan is phased, with the first phase being a public parking garage and new library, council chambers at the south end of park and then demolition of the existing auditorium and library in order to increase the acreage of open green space in the park. Most of the money is in place for the project and the city is undertaking a fund-raising effort to get an additional 10 million dollar to complete it. Ground breaking is scheduled for April '09."

4) Koreatown: Why did that building in Koreatown catch fire and burn down? Nobody knows, but squatting bums is a likely cause. Another suggestion was a cheap demolition option, and benja_dena suggested hiring Remington Steele to solve the case.