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Friday PM Linkage

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[The snack shack at the Santa Monica ice skating rink, via Flickr user feintnate]

· Get some skating in this Xmas vacation: Where to go [Jaunted]
· Yippee! Downtown's new 7-Eleven opens tomorrow [Angelenic]
· Glendale city council continues to tweak city's review process [Glendale New Press]
· Highland Development planning big Visalia retail/office complex [Globe St.]
· LA Harbor crane delay will cost port $1.1 million [Daily Breeze]
· West Hollywood Russians get ready for Xmas [LA City Zine]
· Winners of SF's sexiest real estate agent contest. Hmm. [Front Steps via Curbed SF]
*With this post, we're off until Wednesday, December 26. Enjoy the holidays.