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Another Theater Renovation Planned - This Time Below the 10

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[Photo of Vision Theater tower detail by flickr user Googiesque]

Seriously, Leimert Park is hot. A buzzing neighborhood, a thriving arts scene, and the attendant fears about gentrification. You haven't really made it until local residents and merchants battle developers.

So with all the renewed interest in preserving LA's theaters (see: Million Dollar Theater, Alex Theater, Los Angeles Theater, the list goes on...) it's not surprising Leimert Park is the next neighborhood earmarked for theater preservation. The Vision Theater (built by Howard Hughes) is receiving a grant for $10 million from the city "to transform the structure, built in the early 1930s, into a state-of-the-art 750-seat performing arts center that can support live music, dance and theater events, spoken word and film exhibitions." And because it's impossible for our elected officials to talk about the predominantly-black Leimert Park without referencing New York, we bring you this quote from Councilman Bernard Parks: “We think that the Vision Theater — if we want to look for a model — will be eventually what ? the Apollo in Harlem is, to where it provides those services, those economic services.” At least he didn't call it the "black Greenwich Village" this time.
· Millions pour into renovation of historic Leimert Park theater [Los Angeles Wave]