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Curbed LA PriceSpotter: Back to the Westside

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PriceSpotter is squeezing one in before the holiday. As per usual, we’re giving you pictures, location, and specifications of a property. You’re putting them together and giving us a SALE PRICE. That's right, this one has sold! Submit your guesses in the comments, and tomorrow we’ll reveal the sale price.

What/Where: 2 BR, 3 BA condo on Wilshire (Golden Mile)
Size: 2,345 sq. ft.
Additional details: Another Golden Mile condo this week. This unit sold in November of this year. Features include stunning city and ocean views, a balcony, office/study and bright master bedroom. Granite kitchen countertops, breakfast nook and exercise room. Plus an onsite pool. This week we are looking for sale price. No cheating, please.

Guesses in the comments.