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Storefronting: More Mall Expansion, and a Puget Sound Transplant in Pasadena

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SANTA MONICA - Better hurry if you plan on doing some shopping at the Santa Monica Place mall. Come Jan 31, the mall shuts down for a long-overdue renovation, after finally winning the approval of the California Coastal Commission and the City's Architectural Review Board. After scrapping a plan to build an ambitious mixed-use project, the more modest plan "calls for demolishing a portion of Parking Structure 7; creating a stronger pedestrian orientation at Second Street, Fourth Street and Colorado Avenue, and creating an open-air dining area on the third floor.Under the proposal, Macy’s department store, as well as the two public parking structures totaling nearly 2,000 spaces, will stay open during construction." [Third Street Entrance rendering courtesy of Jerde Partnership. More renderings after the jump] [Lookout News]

HOLLYWOOD - A reader directs us to this somewhat odd marketing site for Hollywood & Highland, which apparently extends as far east as...Whitley Ave? Um, ok. Oh, and they seem to think Forever 21 is actually called XXI Forever. More mapping oddities: "they have dakota steak house where coffee bean is." At least the mall, long a fortress of pedestrian unfriendliness, seems to be trying to incorporate the surrounding area. At least you can sign up for some free movie tickets. That and some chinese food and you've got yourself the perfect Jewish Christmas celebration. [Live Larger]

PASADENA - LA Brain Terrain reports on a new jewelry/tchotchka store in Pasadena, The Gold Bug, a recent transplant from a remote island in the Puget Sound. The store sells "jewelry, paper, taxidermies, doo dads and perfumes." Wait, back up. Taxidermy, you say? We think we just found our last Christmas gift. [LA Brain Terrain]