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That's What's Up With That: Update on the Fortress on Fountain

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We have a follow up to our previous What's Up With That question regarding The Fortress on Fountain, entombed in razorwire, chain link and no tresspasing signs. Steve Fingerhut, Beach Equities, listing agent, emailed us that the house, which is being sold under court order, was razor-wired since people break into empty homes "all the time." Writes Fingerhut:

"We had boarded up the property so no one would break in and start fires, etc. We are asking $699,000.00. It is two homes at 2 bedrooms each. It does, as you can see that the property needs repair work. It has to be sold in 'AS IS' condition only. What you would do is make a bid on the property then it has to be confirmed by the court. If you have any other questions let me know." We double-checked the listing today and it seems the duplex has suffered a $15k pricechop since we spoke to the agent over the weekend.
· 1301 N. McCadden Place, Lso Angeles, CA [Official Site]
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