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Subway to the Sea Goes Forward; Gold Line to Foothills Stalled

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[horrible map conceived by former co-editor Cary during his quiet time]

A huge spending bill was passed yesterday freeing up all sorts of money for border security, energy/environmental programs, wars, and most importantly, a provision was included which will help push our subway dreams to the sea. Via the LA Times:

"The bill also includes a noncontroversial provision repealing the 1985 law banning the use of federal funds to build a tunnel to extend Los Angeles' subway to the city's Westside." Unfortunately, some other transportation projects were shafted, including improvements to the Alameda Corridor and the Foothills Gold Line extension. Sucks for them. But in other good news for Westsiders, the bill also included a measure that will prevent any commercial development on the Veterans Center in West LA.
· House passes domestic spending bill [LA Times]
· SoCal to get millions in bill [SGV Tribune]