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Curbed Inside: Downtown's Evo South On A Rainy Day

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[Marla Aufmuth]

Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing the design and architecture. If you've got a project you'd like Curbed to consider for shooting, drop us a line.

During the tour, we were told---or, reminded--that the South Park Group's construction: Luma, Elleven, Evo-South, represented the first ground-up residential construction in downtown in 23 years. "The city had to re-write all the building code laws because they were so outdated," one of the construction workers told us.

The ground floor. Parking, retail planned. Hopefully, a restaurant, too, according to the developer.

Just for the construction workers, we think.

Hallway on the 12th floor. 17 units will be on this floor.

One of the smaller units, facing Grand.

View from the smaller unit.

A larger (1,300 square foot) corner unit on the 12 floor.

View from the same unit, Staples Center is visible.

Same unit, looking down at the pool, hot tub area.

View from same unit. Another one of the South Park triumvirate.

The 21st floor. Construction is now up to the 23rd floor.

Construction crews holding the elevator on the 21st floor.

Lots to look at in the lift!