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Indie Director Speaks Out On Behalf of Santa Monica Ficus Trees

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And the ficus tree battle will continue into 2008: The Santa Monica Landmarks Commission recently voted to give the treehuggers one more month since the group--known as the Treesavers--argued they hadn't had enough time to properly research facts that would ultimately help get the trees, which are located on 2nd and 4th Streets, landmarked. Meanwhile, mean city officials revealed that they really do heart the trees. Via the SM Mirror: "While admitting that the City’s determination to proceed with its plan for tree relocation and removal 'does land squarely on economic reasons,' [Assistant City Manager Gordon] Anderson added that “the City staff, as well as this entire community, loves trees,” and that the plan includes the planting of new trees as well as the relocation of some of the ficus trees to other parts of the downtown area." And lookee who is one of the Treesavers: Chris Payne, director of Who Killed The Electric Car spoke on behalf of the trees. Maybe he'll make a documentary about them. The ficus issue will be taken up at the next meeting, held January 14th.
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