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On The Market: A Kick-Ass Bedspread In Glassell Park

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Glassell Park person, let us just say: Best bedspread ever. Given the truck parked outside and the rest of the home, we are assuming you are a grown-up man with a penchant for soft and totally rocking bedspreads. And woo-hee, all the toe-curling love-making sessions those talons probably inspire-- the humping only slightly marred by having Snoopy, Sponge-Bob, and Curious George peering on. The stuffed animals and high school flashback-inducing bedspread are all part of 2321 Moss Avenue, listed at $475,000, quite a deal. (If this is a 13-year-old's room, we're totally out of line and apologize. Cover your ears, kid!) UPDATE: Oooh, someone claims to knows this person. Check out comments.

· 2321 Moss Avenue [Refin]