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New Lionsgate Building Planned, Santa Monicans Fret About Traffic

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Amid concern about traffic, Santa Monica-based entertainment group Lionsgate plans to redevelop a 1.8-acre site in the Light Manufacturing and Studio District (LMSD) and will work with local architect David Hibbert on the project. Reports the Lookout News: "Basic schematic plans for the 2834 Colorado Avenue site -- which are opposed by neighborhood groups in the area -- consist of demolishing one-story commercial buildings occupied by a variety of small industrial businesses and building a three-story, 115,200 square foot entertainment studio over three levels of subterranean parking." Lionsgate bills itself as commuter-friendly, handing Metropasses and offering employees cash incentives to forgo driving, but there's concern about more traffic, worries Zina Josephs of the Friends of Sunset Park, one of many groups who wants a building moratorium in certain parts of the city.
· Lionsgate Has Paws on New Entertainment Studio [Lookout News]