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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Stevie Nicks, Frankie Muniz, Orlando Bloom, and More

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[Photo via Real Estalker]

1.) Stevie Nicks has put her Pacific Palisades mansion on the market for around $14 million because she is moving to Santa Monica. "I'm downsizing," Nicks told the Arizona Republic. "I'm moving into a rock-and-roll penthouse where I can do my work. I don't want to worry about if the pool is taken care of and the grass is right." According to Real Estalker, the Fleetwood Mac singer paid about $9 million for the 7,178 square-foot-Southern Colonial style house in June of 2005. [Real Estalker]

2.) Experienced real estate investor/former "Malcolm in the Middle" actor Frankie Muniz has listed his five-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills for $3.875 million. In between practicing lines for "Cody Banks," the 22-year-old has been busy buying and selling several homes, reports the LA Times. The sprawling home is also's estate of the day. Tour is here. [LA Times]

3.) "Lost" actor Matthew Fox has listed his four-bedroom Manhattan Beach home for $2.275 million. [Real Estalker]
4.) The rumor is that Orlando Bloom has painted the exterior of his newly renovated house on Outpost Drive black. His "house is a sprawling ranch house with a blue tile roof," notes Real Estalker who wonders how the black look will go over. Photo evidence? Send, please. UPDATE: Shot of his recently painted black house is here.

5.) Nikki Sixx and ex-wife Donna D’Errico, have sold their six-bedroom, Agoura home for $1.9 million. The singer and Playboy Playmate D’Errico formally divorced in June 2007, if anyone cares. [Big Time Listings]

6.) Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia has sold her five-bedroom Sunset Strip home for $3.725 million, after purchasing it in 2002 for $2.140 million. [Big Time Listings]