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New Condos/Retail Will Rise on Rosemead Trailer Park Site

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Rosemead is planning a condo/retail development at Prospect and Garvey avenues--on the site of a trailer park---which is upsetting park residents who'll have to live through construction of the project, and eventually move. "I am sorry we are mobile home residents, but we are still residents of Rosemead," said Elizabeth Kjartanson, who has lived in the park for 15 years, told the Pasadena Star-News. Additionally, in South El Monte, the Avalon Trailer Park has been cleared to make way for forthcoming retail project Plaza Del Sol. Here's the buyout fee these days in re: trailer park residents: "South El Monte plan calls for a baseline fee of $2,250. Families would also get $60 for every year they lived in the park and also could receive a $4,000 bonus if they move before Feb. 28. If they move before April 30, they will get a $1,000 incentive. If they move after that date they will not receive anything."
· Nearby construction worries mobile home park residents [Pasadena Star-News]