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City Officials Worry About New Downtown Hostess Clubs, But Where Will Men Find Their Wives?

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Two "hostess club" applications have been submitted, with the planned locations at 833 S. Spring St. and 1240 S. Main St., but city officials are worried more clubs will bring on prostitution and drug use, reports the Downtown News. For newcomers: a hostess club, such as the Galaxy Club on Olive Street, is where men pay by the minute to chat with hired ladies--the time is clocked like a taxi meter. Meanwhile, hostess club owners argue that the clubs aren't as nefarious as one might think. No seamier than, really! "I think that some folks characterize it as an adult business, but I think this may be a borderline adult business," said King Woods, who wants to open a club on Spring St. tells the News. "Most see them more as a social club. Believe it or not, some men go there and meet their wives."
· The Hostess With the Leastest [Downtown News]