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Storefronting: Even More Melrose Boutiques

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WEST HOLLYWOOD - We don't know much about street brands but apparently one of the "sickest" ones (that's a good thing, right?) has opened a store in Los Angeles. Crooks & Castles has opened an LA outpost on Fairfax and Rosewood, below Melrose. Some of their signage is pictured left. [Photo via Something in the Way We Move]. [SWWM]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - New York clothing brand Foley + Corinna were sniffing around LA a few months ago for retail space and now they've opened a 1,000-square foot space at 8117 Melrose Ave. []

DOWNTOWN - The LA Times is reporting that designer Staci Woo, who worked as an assistant to denim designer Adriano Goldschmied, is opening her first boutique in the arts district at 209 S. Garey St. While the store isn't "officially" open until January, prospective shoppers can stop in early for some holiday discounts. [LA Times]