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Name This 'Opportunity Area' Northeast of Chinatown

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Downtown News report #2: Not often does a chance arise to name a neighborhood in Los Angeles. But if any slice of LA needs a new moniker, it's the 400 underdeveloped acres northeast of Chinatown. The paper reports on "the city's most challenging and potentially most propitious planning effort." Even the name of the plan is in flux. Explains LA Planning's Claire Bowin: "That's why we are not labeling the effort the Chinatown North Specific Plan, as first had been discussed, but rather the Cornfield/Arroyo Seco Specific Plan." Doesn't exactly sing. Any better names for this patch of mixed-use development? It includes the Metro Gold Line, running parallel to Spring and Main streets, and the 32-acre Los Angeles State Historic Park (previously dubbed Not A Cornfield).
· Visions of 'Chinatown North' [Downtown News]