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Curbed Inside: LACMA's Transformation

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing the design and architecture. If you've got a project you'd like Curbed to consider for shooting, drop us a line.

[Renzo Piano's LACMA addition, photographed yesterday]

We're now just months away from the completion of the LACMA addition, and still no dangling train in sight. However, to satiate your appetite for archiporn, we have some up-close and interior pictures of the Renzo Piano-designed LACMA Transformation which is undergoing finishing touches as we speak. The pictures were provided to us recently but were actually taken about a month ago, so obviously things have progressed since then. But still, the new space looks amazing - the tempered glass ceiling, the fire exits, the freight elevator, the in-floor air conditioning...

[top floor. fire exit and inlaid air conditioning in floor]

[the roof. it's tempered glass with louvers on top.]

[the escalator entry. they expect people to take this escalator up to the top floor and then descend to see the exhibits]

[fire escape. up close detailing of the stairs]

[ground floor]

[the freight elevator. 24,000 lbs capacity and 16 feet high]

Words from the inside: "the bottom floor is pretty unremarkable, save for the 16-foot freight elevator that can hold up to 24,000 lbs.

the 2nd floor is, again, unremarkable. the air systems all come through the false floor.

there is a mezzanine level between the 2nd and 3rd floors for the mechanical systems.

the third floor looks just like the second.... A/C comes through the floor. The roof is simply tempered glass with some sort of louvers to keep the sun out. it is a nice look and really opens up the rooms. the glass was already quite dirty with leaves, dust, etc. good luck keeping that clean, fellas."
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