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Sellers' Dilemma: Will Lit-Up Reindeer Move The House?

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[On the market Malibu home listed for $5.695 million; reindeer purely used as bait]

It's an "Asked Curbed" plus an "On The Market" as a real estate agent has posed the following question: "If one has a house for sale during the holiday, should you decorate it to the nines and risk alienating someone of different faith? Here is a home in Malibu that's for sale that is bedazzled for Christmas (and they are Jewish owners, no less!). We suggested they decorate the home to help with the sale." And lo, the family put up reindeer and lights purely for the sake of selling the home. It's a four-bedroom home, listed at $5.695 million, for those looking for a Christmas in Malibu.