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Why Buy A Neutra When You Can Rent One? Part II

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It seems like in the past few weeks there's been a glut of Neutra-designed buildings coming on the market, even an affordable rental in North Hollywood. This one is not quite as affordable. For the mid century mod fan with deep pockets, but a fear of long-term commitment, this beauty is available for lease for $6,500 per month (unfurnished) or $7,500 per month (furnished). The two-bedroom, one-bath Bonnet House "has been tastefully restored & renovated to 21st century standards w/o sacrificing authenticity. Impeccable kitchen & bathroom fixtures (incl marble, top-end hardware & apps, HDTV Plasmas) make this a luxurious rental." Not enough pedigree for you? Our real estate guru also says the house was published this month in Remodel magazine (10 pages), mentioned last month in the Men's Vogue article on the new Shulman book, and featured last year in California Home and Design. And when the house was built in the 40s, Arts and Architecture and Architectural Record wrote about it. And it has been in BOTH Neutra books.

Nothing about the layout or floorplan has been altered. No unfortunate additions, etc. A little too rich for our blood, but we can dream, can't we?