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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Angel's Flight, the Concrete Pad, and Atwater

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Thank you for your help answering three of the four questions this week. We learned so much. For next week, you can email us at with your new questions. We also appreciate when you send a digital picture along with your question.

1) Downtown: Via Jim Winstead's helpful linkage to the Downtown News, we're happy to report that Angel's Flight will definitely be open by December. Year unspecified. Curbed flickr pool member jericl has several pictures posted showing the Angel's Flight cars all spruced up on an empty Los Angeles lot. And John Welborne, the man in charge of getting AF running again, comments on the pic that they need more money and announcements should be made soon.

2) Beverly Hills: No response to the question regarding development near Greystone Mansion. We may visit the area this weekend to snap some pics.

3) Civic Center: The concrete pad next to City Hall remains vacant, according to commenters, because nobody in government has the gumption to do anything about it. The building was a former State Office Building that "housed the 2d district court of appeal until the 1971 sylmar earthquake damaged it." Commenter Tim Quinn links to a good photo.

4) Atwater Village: Commenter Semprini enlightens us all on the proposed narrowing of Glendale Boulevard. It's not in the cards, unfortunately. Instead, Atwater received nice landscaping and trash cans.