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Curbed Cup, Round One: San Pedro (#7) VS Downtown: South Park (#2)

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What a stunning defeat we saw with the Historic Core brutally trouncing Hollywood. But now there is this--San Pedro has just called Downtown's South Park a rich pansy. The fight is on, so let's head to the polls! UPDATE: Poll closes at 4 pm Saturday.

San Pedro: Notables in 2007:
MOJO, the San Pedro Robotic Arm, Swings Alone
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ConstructionWatch: Habitat Celebs in South LA, San Pedro
Downtown San Pedro Classin' Up This Joint

Downtown: South Park, Notables in 2007:
BFFs Luma and Elleven Share New Pool
Market Lofts Gets Sunset Treatment
Hello, Ralphs
Construction Watch: Downtown's Evo South Is Glassing Right Up

Ritz-Carlton Residences Interest List Now Open
LA Live Construction: CRANES
Totally Nerdy Nokia Theater Tech Plans