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Architecture in LA: Hawthorne's Top Hits For 2007

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[Camino Nuevo High School, via]

Year-end list time! Agree, disagree: Here are the themes LA Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne liked in '07:1. School architecture (like the Silver Lake Camino Nuevo High School). 2. Progress at Orange County Great Park. 3. Gehry's work on the Grand Ave project.4. "Getting there projects": Wilshire Station and Lorcan O'Herlihy's Habitat 825 condos.

Hawthorne is less impressed with: 1. Galen Center at USC 2. L.A. Live's downtown Nokia Theater, "[which]..proved deferential to a fault to Staples Center, its slick older sibling." 3. The Ambassador Hotel saga.
· Year's designs help L.A. build its architectural momentum [LA Times]