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Opponents of Planned Runyon Canyon Parking Lot Hire Lawyer, File Appeals

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More on the city's plan to pave a small part of Runyon Canyon and create an 80-space parking lot on a 0.6-acre parcel near Fuller and Franklin avenues: Hiring an attorney, a group called New Friends of Runyon Canyon has filed appeals to stop construction, according to the Daily News. Additionally, the web site Save Runyon Canyon has details on the area, currently used for Down Dogs: "The lot would introduce cars into Runyon Canyon for the first time, and would replace the existing fenced in grassy area, which is used for relaxation, children, and Yoga.." Construction could start in April 2009 on the lot, which is supported by some local homeowners who say visitors have "vandalized their cars and acted belligerently on the streets," according to the News. Plus, all those visitors are circling like sharks, looking for "scarce" parking spots in the neighborhood. Also, the city plans to install a 24-hour park ranger to keep an eye on the belligerence. [Image of lawn yoga and site of planned lot. Via Save Runyon Canyon]
· Runyon parking plan at center of dispute [Daily News]