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Lift Off! Latest On Downey's Space Science Center

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The Wave reports on construction of Downey's Columbia Memorial Space Science Learning Center--designed by Miami-based Arquitectonica--on Clark Ave. Honoring the Challenger Space Shuttle, the center will also act as a learning center for young would-be astronauts, and is part of the Downey Landing project, the 160-acre site the city purchased from Boeing and NASA. And attention, plane nerds: The newspaper notes a planned 11-acre park on the site that'll honor "90 years of aeronautic manufacturing... starting with the Vultee Company, which made fighter planes during World War II, produced the Hound Dog Missiles in the 1950s under the North American Rockwell Company and got into the space age with space capsules and then shuttles in the 1960s and 70s under Rockwell."

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