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Urban Wildlife Report: Starving-Looking Coyotes Running Around City

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Yesterday, a driver trying to avoid a coyote in Studio City crashed into a Dona Pepita Place home, stopping just short of the homeowner's pool. Not having gotten the coyote data for 4th quarter 2007, we can only guess that inventory is up based on news reports and our own coyote-sightings. Last week, blogger Jenny Burman wrote about seeing the animals in Echo Park: "I've seen a lot of dingy-gray coyotes this year, including one that was in awful condition, missing almost all of the fur on his hind quarters (saw that one on Landa)." We also saw a coyote last week wandering a street in Echo Park; its tail was bloody and nearly falling off, and it looked like it was probably starving. Solutions, people, solutions?
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