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On the Market: Thrashed Cliff May in Pomona

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Listing Price: $329,000
Property: 1,340 sq ft., 3 bed/2 bath Cliff May in Pomona

This is why you can't have nice things! You put plywood over windows, let your lawn go brown, and you decorate your roof with dishes. What was once a proud Cliff May on a street full of Cliff Mays in Pomona has been trashed by its previous owner, who has succumbed to foreclosure. Gack! That lawn! A reader emails, desperate for some good soul to buy the home: "...this 1955 Cliff May Modern Ranch House in Pomona really REALLY needs to find a sympathetic buyer or it might get “remuddled”. Yeah, it’s Pomona, but you've gotta start somewhere; we can’t all live in the Long Beach Ranchos, or in an Eichler in the valley, or a Westside Neutra... It’s a foreclosure and I’m fairly certain an offer of $320,000 would be accepted. My only interest in this is preserving my neighborhood and to get it moving in a positive direction. There are about 60 Cliff May homes on Wright Street." More pictures here.
· 1866 Wright Street, Pomona, CA 91766 []
· Pictures: 1866 Wright Street. Cliff May [Personal Site]