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Curbed Cup, Round One: Culver City Vs. Koreatown

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Round One of the Curbed Cup continues following North Hollywood's triumphant win over Eagle Rock. Sorry, Eagle Rock boosters. But now there's this: Culver City, #4 seed, has just bitch-slapped #5 seed Koreatown, so the fight is on! Again, all of our eight neighborhoods will be pitted against one another, with the winning neighborhoods advancing to Round Two. Polls remain open for 24 hours, so vote!

Culver City: Notables in 2007

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Koreatown: Notables in 2007
Construction Watch: Solair Wilshire Gets Glassed Up
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Retail Check at Wilshire Vermont Station
Koreatown's New Retail: Yogurt, Coffee, and Juice
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3670 Wilshire Redesign?
Koreatown’s City Heights Sold !