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Storefronting: We're # 2! (But Really #15), Shotguns

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[picture via Blackburn & Sweetzer]

LOS ANGELES - The lists keep rolling in. In a ranking of "leading global retail markets in Asia Pacific, Europe, the United States and Latin America," CoStar has determined that Los Angeles is the second most expensive retail market in the United States (15th in the world) with rental values of $392 per square foot. Some place on the east coast was the most expensive in the world, not that we care. [Inbox/CoStar]

BEVERLY GROVE - No clue what it means or why it's there. Blackburn & Sweetzer sends us the above image of a shotgun stuck to the door of a 3rd Street storefront. The space is located between Romp and Scout. Maybe it's an old timey western style boutique or shotgun wedding shop. [Inbox/B&S]

HOLLYWOOD - And an update on the flagship Fresh & Easy store on Hollywood Boulevard. We stopped by this weekend and could make out some progress on the inside. The self-serve check-out stations appear to be in place and the shelves are there too. However, nothing is on the shelves and the outside of the Galaxy Complex still needs some sprucing up. Flickr user monkey mica has a picture of the store interior at night.