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Our Favorite Anti-Development Sites: No Robertson Strip Club

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It's probably the ninth edition in a continuing series of our non-biased reviews of anti-development web sites which dot the Southern California internets. This week... NO ROBERTSON STRIP CLUB.

This morning, Fox11 had an exciting report showing sexy heels and stripper poles and sourpuss neighbors all in one giant kerfuffle in the South Robertson neighborhood, south of the 10. Neighbors are angry that the Skin "ALL NUDE" strip club has opened in their neighborhood. As mentioned in No Robertson Strip Club fact sheet, the new strip club "will have severe consequences for the economic and social well-being of surrounding neighborhoods and undermine and destabilize the quality of life of our community." The strip club opened yesterday under temporary permits.

What is it About: Boobs! Naked boobs! And the negative impacts of having strippers sliding down poles near your children. Oh yeah, the horrible traffic, too.
Villains: Strippers, Strip Club owners and Roger Jon Diamond, "a lawyer who has made a cottage industry of representing strip clubs."
Buzzwords: "portals for sex," "lewd conduct," "prostitution," "violence," "loitering," "drunkenness," "congested and confusing" traffic, "neighborhood revitalization," "our children"
Last Update: Today, December12.
Site Design: An excellent resource if your live in the neighborhood and need to know why strip clubs are bad. The site links to a variety of reports including one identified as being "Rated XXX - and written by the LAPD." Say no more! The site also provides info on how to get lawn signs, how to communicate to City Officials (with sample letters), dates and times of important meetings and careful tracking of local media coverage. If we didn't know any better, we would think this was a sham organization created by Conquest Student Housing, but it appears to be genuine.
Our Judgement (on the scale of 1 to 5 NIMBYs, 5 being the best): 5 NIMBYs