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Proposed Law Would Make LA Homes Smaller, Less Boxy

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Previously mentioned this fall, the city is attempting to curb Angelenos' appetite for McMansions. Via the LA Times: "Under the new law, homes in single-family R1 zones -- about 234,000 houses -- could have square footage equal to half the size of their lots, plus another 400 square feet for a garage. The height limit of 33 feet for R1 homes would remain the same but could be reached only with a pitched roof, a requirement intended to discourage shoe box-style houses." Additionally, homes in seven other residential zones would have stricter restrictions. There's already a lot of hand wringing, particularly by Brentwood Park residents (an area that'd be particularly impacted) who think the law is either too strict or not strict enough. And they worry about re-sale value if buyers can't tear down their homes and build bigger. Meanwhile, all of this stuff is old hat to Sunland-Tujunga residents, according to the Times, who've been fighting for smaller homes for a while.
· L.A. homes in on 'McMansions' [LA Times]