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Los Angeles' Thriving Tech Social Scene: Confirmed!

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Two articles in the last week talked about Los Angeles' new place in the tech geek social scene, with events like Lunch 2.0, Twiist-Up, and Geek dinners spearheading the networking movement. One LA Times story quotes Nicole Jordan, who runs tech blog and recently moved to Los Angeles from Silicon Valley. "I never thought I'd find another geek home," she wrote. "But I've come to realize L.A.'s full of them, and the opportunities to unite the tech community are on the upswell." Another Times story profiles the shenanigans at Santa Monica's Google office, now the company's fourth-largest office--and where ironic geek culture thrives. But suspicious of forced trend newspaper stories, we emailed a connected tech-savvy gal for an opinion. "As of this fall, tech social activity [in LA] has certainly stepped up," she wrote back. "Previously, I'd attend Mobile Mondays and occasional stuff here & there, but now there's a very active Lunch2.0 scene here, Twiistup, Bar Camp...I think Facebook event invites has made these events more visible. LA is slightly behind Silicon Valley/Bay Area but way ahead of NYC at the moment." [Photo via]
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